Typical symptoms of haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are inflamed and swollen blood vessels in the anus. This can be pretty painful and it is recommend treating them early on.  

In the beginning stages haemorrhoids are difficult to identify since they are not recognizable from the outside. Moreover, the membrane in the anus is insensitive to pain. Therefore, lots of people have no pain in the beginning stage of having haemorrhoids. However, it will get painful when the haemorrhoids move to the outside. 

What are typical symptoms for haemorrhoids?

  1. Itching: Swollen haemorrhoids extract a bigger portion of mucus. This can lead to an itching. 
  2. Leaking: Enlarged haemorrhoids can be the reason that the anus muscle isn’t closing completely and fluid can leak. This can lead to irritations of the skin. 
  3. Pressure: Haemorrhoids can lead to a feeling of needing to go to the toilette although the bladder and bowel is empty. It can be painful when the haemorrhoids move to the outside and people can feel pressure around the anus.
  4. Burning around the anus: Enlarged haemorrhoids can lead to a burning around the anus. This makes sitting really uncomfortable. 
  5. Blood in Bowel Movement: Another symptom that shows that you might have haemorrhoids is blood in the bowel movement or on the toilette paper. When you notice blood that isn’t mixed up with the bowel movement, then this could be a sign of haemorrhoids. A light bleeding and an unpleasant feeling can be a sign of inner haemorrhoids. These bleedings are usually not painful.  

Please notice that if the blood is dark it could be a sign for a different disease and you should definitely go to your doctor to have it checked out. 

4 phases of haemorrhoids 

Doctors divide haemorrhoids into 4 phases. During the first phase the haemorrhoids are still inside and aren’t painful. The only symptoms can be itching and not feeling too well. Haemorrhoids in this phase can be treated very easily and fast. In the phases 2 and 3 the haemorrhoids grow and it can happen that they are pushed outside when going to the toilette. During the fourth phase, the haemorrhoids are outside and the skin around it is hardening. Haemorrhoids on the outside can be quite painful.  

Please notice the signs of your body and don’t wait too long to see your doctor when you think you might have haemorrhoids. An early treatment can save you lots of pain.