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What is Hemor*Rite?

Hemor*Rite is a Cryotherapy device that works through cooling of the haemorrhoids. It is anatomically designed for ease of use, its drug free and is proved to effectively ease pain, itchiness and bleeding when having haemorrhoids.

How does Hemor*Rite treat haemorrhoids?

Hemor*Rite works trough a cooling of the haemorrhoids in and around the anus. Haemorrhoids are inflamed veins in the anal tissue and when cooled, the haemorrhoids are pulled back. During the contraction it reduces the blood flows, there is less bleeding, they shrinks in size and you feel less pain.

How do I use the Hemor*Rite?

First you cool the device in the freezer for at least three hours. When you are ready to start the treatment, take the unit out of the freezer, and lay down on a flat, comfortable surface. Lie on the side, bend the knees towards the chest and expose the haemorrhoids. For external haemorrhoids just place the flat bottom against the area and gently hold. If internal haemorrhoids, place a few drops of the provided lubricant on top of the device. Carefully slide the tip in the anus and gently insert the device inside. Keep the device in place for a 8 minute short treatment. When you are done, remove the device and simply clean with soap and water. Put in the sanitation box and store in the freezer until the next treatment.

What type of haemorrhoids does Hemor*Rite treat?

The device is for treatment of both internal haemorrhoids that appears in the rectum and external haemorrhoids around the anus. Hemor*Rite also helps internal haemorrhoids from pushing out through the anus.

How long does the relief cargo when using Hemor*Rite?

After treatment the effect can be up to 8-10 hours. Relief is individual and varies depending on where the haemorrhoids are, which phase they are in and how inflamed they are. When the haemorrhoids are big, advanced or complicated you may have to use Hemor*Rite more often. We recommend four times a day the first days, but it can be used even more often to get the pain under control.

How long do I treat with Hemor*Rite?

The Hemor*Rite unit should be in contact with the haemorrhoids for at least 8 minutes, allowing the Cryotherapy treatment enough time to reduce the size of the haemorrhoids. Normally, two treatments every day for 10-14 days. You can use each Hemor*Rite device every day for up to 6 months after your first treatment, no other product allows this.

How many times per day can I use Hemor*Rite

You should use the Hemor*Rite device to treat your haemorrhoids twice per a day, morning and evening. In more severe cases, you can use the device more often, four times a day the first treatment days. After 10-14 days you should be using the unit every other day to stop reappearance of the haemorrhoids or when you feel the symptoms.

How quickly does Hemor*Rite providesprofessional relief?

Hemor*Rite therapy eases pain directly after the first treatment. The relief is relatively immediate compared to other treatments, but this will be an individual feeling, depending on the type, size and for how long your haemorrhoid symptoms have been untreated.

How does Hemor*Rite compare to other treatments?

Hemor*Rite is a medically approved alternative to ointments and suppositories. Hemor*Rite is a drug-free, hygienic and completely safe treatment with no side effects. Hemor*Rite directly treats only the affected area and not the surrounding tissues, whereas the body will take up all the active substances from ointments and suppositories. Hemor*Rite treats both internal and external haemorrhoids at the same time, no other product can do so. It is more economical, as you can use each Hemor*Rite device for up to 6 months after your first treatment, no other product allows this.

What results can I get with Hemor*Rite?

You can experience an almost immediate relief from the pain. How fast and long the relief is, will depend on where the haemorrhoid are sitting, which phase they are in and how inflamed they are. With haemorrhoids in later phases, you can not expect relief to be as long, and in that case you can use the device more frequent or when you feel pain.


Is Hemor*Rite safe?

Hemor*Rite is medically approved and completely safe to use because it doesn’t contain any chemicals. The usage of Hemor*Rite can be compared with cooling down using an ice cube. The device is created in a special surgical plastic, which is anatomically designed and treats only the afflicted area. With Hemor*Rite you avoid over- and under dosage, which is relatively likely when applying ointments.

What side effects can I get with Hemor*Rite

There are no side effects when treating with Hemor*Rite. Hemor*Rite is not a drug. One of the unique product benefits is that it treats the haemorrhoids without chemicals from suppositories, sticky ointments or with painful surgery.

Should someone avoid using Hemor*Rite?

Hemor*Rite is safe to use for everybody. Hemor*Rite has no known side effects. Also patients with anal fissures will feel the device ease their pain, as the cooling decreases the blood flow to the damaged tissue.

Is Hemor*Rite Designed to help against haemorrhoids?

Hemor*Rite has a perfectly formed contour to best fit your body’s anal tissue and rectum. It is anatomically designed for haemorrhoid treatment and the narrow cone with its base, can treat both internal and external haemorrhoids. The units’ flat base helps it lead the cold to the surrounding tissue and thus also cools external haemorrhoids.

What is Hemor*Rite made of?

Hemor*Rite is made of surgical plastic and each device can be used for an unlimited amount of times for up to six months. With careful cleaning and safe keeping, the Hemor*Rite is very hygienic method with zero side-effects.

What is the products durability?

The unit has been FDA approved for an unlimited amount of treatments for up to six months after your first treatment. This means it should be replaced with a new device after six months to ensure it’s therapeutic function. This is longer than any other product on the market.

Who Approved the Hemor*Rite product?

Hemor*Rite is approved as a medical device for internal and external haemorrhoids, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. It has been thoroughly tested by authorities and is approved for sales without a prescription and directly to the consumers (OTC). It is also CE-marked, according to European requirements.

How can Hemor*Rite help me preventable haemorrhoids?

When you have your haemorrhoid problems under control, you can use the device every other day or when you feel the symptoms, to keep the swelling of the veins in the anus and rectum at bay. By regularly using the device, you can help prevent the haemorrhoids from coming back again.

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