Haemorrhoids are an everyday problem.

Ca. 4% of all adults have haemorrhoid symptoms everyday. 50% of adults over 50 years are affected by haemorrhoids.


More than 50% of pregnant women experience haemorrhoids.

Every year, 57.000 pregnant women get haemorrhoids. Cryotherapy treatment with Hemor*Rite is effective and has no side effects.


New medical device for an embarrassing problems

Treats both internal and external haemorrhoids. Easy to use and immediate relief to your ailments.

Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy

Haemorrhoids are a common problem that affects approximately 50% of the adult population.
If you start your treatment in time, surgery can be avoided. Hemor*Rite is a new and approved treatment, where Cryotherapy cools your swollen and bleeding haemorrhoids with the help of a simple medical device.

Do I have haemorrhoids?

Answer the 7 questions below to find out.


8 minutes treatment

After just 8 minutes, you can go back to your daily chores. Up to 10 hours treatment.


Zero side effects

Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy is an approved, drug free treatment without any known side effects.


Multiple treatments for 6 months

Hemor*Rite can be used up to 6 months after the first treatment. A very economic treatment for patients.