How Hemor*Rite works

Hemor*Rite is a simple medical device that trough cold (this is called Cryotherapy) reduces swollen haemorrhoids, numbs the pain, stops bleeding and at the same time start an anti inflammatorily process on the afflicted area

What do ointments and suppositories do?

Until this day ointments or suppositories, have been the only treatment for anal problems. In general, it is the active ingredients in these treatments (in both prescriptive and OTC products) that treat the symptoms. These products contain up to 3 different substances for (1) numbing, (2) painkilling and (3) anti inflammatory.

How does Cryotherapy work?

The Hemor*Rite device was created to take care of and even increase these 3 effects in your body, without using drugs. The Hemor*Rite unit uses cooling for direct treatment (and not indirect as in ointments and suppositories) of your afflicted areas. Direct cooling will cause vasoconstriction (the blood vessels contract), hypoxia (lowers the oxygen level in the blood), analgesic (painkiller) and also work as a muscle relaxant.

Reduced swelling

The cooling causes both a loss of heat on the skin surface but also in deeper tissues (i.e. sense of relief) and enables the contraction of the vessels. These vessel contractions happen as a reflex; it eases the blood flow and is seen as the mot important mechanism to decrease swelling and bleeding.

Reduced Inflammation

When the blood vessels contract, the fluids in the inflamed tissue also decrease, which then reduces the haemorrhoid itself. The cooling inhibits the release of chemical mediators, like histamine, and decrease the oxygen because of a decreased metabolism. These two factors, together with the vessel contractions, enables the decreased inflammation.

Pain reduction

Appliance of cold is known to ease pain by interrupting a self-accelerated pain cycle that is caused by the haemorrhoids and therefore works to reduce the pain. Theories that explain this effect are based on reducing sensory impulses, reflex mechanism and reducing the muscle spasm.

Muscle relaxant

Appliance of cold works as a muscle relaxant. The most important reduction of muscle spasm in the sphincters (uncontrolled muscle spasm) is caused when cold is put on the muscle, this effect can last for hours. This explains why patient with haemorrhoid problems had longer periods of pain relief after using the Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy unit.

Reduced bleeding

Effectively, some of the parameters that were studied, like pain and bleeding, showed that the Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy device was statistically similar or better than ointments used in the same study.. The result shown with the Hemor*Rite Cryotherapy unit was also statistically superior to placebo.